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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category % Done
2232TaskAssignedNormalAlgorithm for Pianobot?02/16/2014 05:16 PM

2231TaskNewLowParts List (pianobot) (someone work on this? Alina)02/16/2014 05:15 PM

2230TaskAssignedNormalGet Pianobot modelled with the pianoTianming Chen02/16/2014 05:14 PM

2228TaskAssignedNormalModel Solenoids for brassbot in SolidworksAbhinav Gautam02/16/2014 05:11 PM

1339TaskInvalidNormalWhamola Demo ProgramDan Shope10/10/2010 11:24 PM

1246TaskFixedNormalSolder Relays for Snarebot SolenoidsAndrew Burks11/08/2010 05:54 PM

1006TaskWontfixNormalDrum botDan Shope09/24/2010 01:03 PM

670TaskFixedNormalNew Communications ParadigmAndrew Burks11/08/2010 05:54 PM

642TaskFixedNormalhigh hat proposalAndrew Burks11/08/2010 05:55 PM

641TaskFixedNormalpiano proposalNico Paris11/01/2010 07:43 PM

640TaskFixedNormalwhamola proposalDoug Bernstein01/20/2010 07:20 PM

638TaskFixedNormalPlan first interface/communication meetingMike Sandbothe02/11/2010 01:17 PM

500TaskFixedNormalUpdate RepositoryLesley Linne05/15/2009 03:40 PM

498TaskFixedNormalPurchase additional sprocketsJay Kim02/11/2010 01:18 PM


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