Vision Tutorial

This doc provides steps to run MSFT Kinect with ROS

Assumes that ROS, openni_kinect are installed:

Listen for and view Camera input
follow steps listed here:

Save sensor data to file (and create map, in theory)
Follow steps here:
NOTE: When "making your own bag," replace /base_scan with /camera/depth/image_raw

Note (from Nick): The data type in the bag that gmapping reads has both tf messages and laser scan messages. So we'd need to send something other than imageraw, like a bag file with topics /tf and with something converted to sensor_msgs/LaserScan (there are ways to convert the points to that, for instance), or find a way to get the kinect to output sensor_msgs/laser_scan.

Next steps:
(rgbdslam may have all the features of slam_gmapping and more, so we may not need the above step)