We received an email from the author, Felix Endres, that recommended the following:

"Here's what you should do:

Use the latest snapshot (see the installation instructions on

[1] Turn off store_pointclouds in the launch file you are using
(or see rgbdslam_sample_config.launch) or in parameter_server.cpp.

[2] Change the constructor and projectionTo3d method in node.cpp to omit
the point cloud and use the depth image to get the depth values for the
feature_locations_3d vector.

If you want to do further changes, you can build the doxygen
documentation with the command "rosrun rosdoc rosdoc rgbdslam"
This will create a folder "doc" in the current directory."

1. To turn off store_pointclouds, go into parameter_server.cpp and, on line 54, set it to false instead of true, and do the same on line 69 of rgbdslam_sample_config.launch.

2. To be finished: Do we have to write our own class? How does his work? How can we omit such things without breaking the code? We should get together and talk about this.