Log 11-10-2011

Main Notes

  • Attendance
    • On time: Tom M, Jim, Graham, Nick, Chris, Priya, Dan J, Julian
    • Present: Tom W, Doci
    • Absent: Harrison, Jimmy, Jeff, Kaven, Kunal, Matt, Peter, Sean
  • Updates:
    • My phone number on website
    • Software
      • Panda Crashed
      • Working on transmitting video feed
        • By next thursday
      • Getting rgbdslam off the quadrotor
        • Not as time-critical
    • Took apart the Kinect
      • Should test the Kinect
        • Jim will test by Sunday midnight
    • Djacobs needs to bring the router!
  • Flying time Saturday at 3
  • Sunday 3:30

Meeting Agenda

  • Take attendance
  • Upcoming Flights
    • Fly and get video with the prop guard
    • Have new members fly this weekend
  • Panda
    • Need to restore Panda! =(
    • Need to get ROS communicating over wireless via a roscore on an external computer
    • Get a router!
      • Djacobs: Why is it not here?
    • Test some version of RGBDSlam
    • Test the new ROS-Mikrokopter drivers
  • New git repository
    • Still need that private repository. Sorry.
  • Construction of old Quadrotor
    • Assemble Carbon Fiber
    • Order parts for aluminum frame