Log 11-03-2011

Main Notes

  • Attendance
    • Present: Doci, Tom W, Tom M, Kaven, Priya, Graham, Ahmet, Nick, Chris, Peter, Jimmy, Dan, Jim, Julian, Danny
    • Absent: Kunal, Matt, Sean, Jeff
  • Updates:
    • New Mikrokopter Guardrail
      • We need to design a lighter version.
    • New members, Danny and Ahmet
    • Carbon Fiber is in! Time to build.
    • Priya has tools, time to take apart the Kinect

Meeting Agenda

  • Updates:
    • MikroKopter built, flown
    • Lots of new publicity channels, youtube, new email
    • Quadrotor admin password sa**** - I won't announce, but let me know if you want it
  • Panda
    • Need to get ROS communicating over wireless via a roscore on an external computer
    • Get a router!
      • Djacobs: By Saturday.
    • Test some version of RGBDSlam
    • Test the new ROS-Mikrokopter drivers
  • New git repository
    • I moved our old stuff over.
  • Carbon Fiber is hard to find in 8x8!
    • We should just grab some aluminum and design the frame
    • Need volunteers; design review in 1 week
  • Build guardrail
    • Harrison created a model and emailed the guy at the machine shop
  • How to fly the quadrotor
    • Come to meetings
    • Spend 2 hours on the simulator (it's on bumblebee)
    • I'd like to use the old quadrotor as our toy. Let's build that and fly it a lot.
  • Put someone in charge of photos/videos/twitter/youtube?
  • Flight!
    • Show-off
    • Weight testing