Log 10-27-2010

Second Crash; Ordering of Spare Parts

Quadrotor took a tumble today. We killed 2 more props, and 3 more motors. The reason for this crash was a loose/missing set screw on one of the motor mounts.

As with real planes, it should become habit to do a preflight inspection and ensure that everything is tight and airworthy.

The good news is that these motors and props are cheap and we had spares, so quadrotor was back in action as of tonight. Also, because of the inexpensive nature of our parts, Roboclub's attention was caught. Jimmy (president) suggested that the club blow the motor budget on 20 motors that just so happen to be perfect replacements for quadrotor, each with an ESC to match.

We should have spares for life! Perhaps another airframe is in order, so that there is minimal downtime in the future.