Log 10-23-2010

Publicity Videos

Flew the quadrotor around for a while, got pictures of nice locations and the quadrotor flying in front of the team.

Upcoming Quadrotor Goals

Long-Term Goals Short-Term Goals
GPS Usable: within 1 sq. ft GPS On
Look Into GPS API
Enhanced Odometry Using GPS Basic Odometry using Accelerometer and Gyro
CCD Camera: ground target tracking Standardized (HD) Camera Mount
Laser Pointer Line Projection and Tracking
Optical Flow
Sonar-Integrated Altitude Control Use Barometer for Altitude Hold
Auto-Land (Barometer - Sonar) Look up specs on sonars (Harrison ordered some)
Indoor Hallway Position Hold Look up communication over I2C
ROS (not for a while)
Rotor Projection
Rovio Stuff
Walking to the Sky Drop

For Tonight:

  • Odometry (Alex/Dan)
  • GPS On (James)
  • GPS Api (Jeff/Jitu)
  • XBee and Documentation (Harrison/Jitu)
  • Barometer (Priya/Dan)
  • Rotor Protection (Mike/Harrison)
  • Camera Mount (Mike/Harrison

Additional Notes

  • Barometer needs to be recalibrated every time before flight.
  • Walking to the Sky as a serious goal - requires a lot of working components
  • Check out the IARC requirements for more goals
  • High Resolution Camera will be recorded, not streamed.
    • We will have two cameras on-board if necessary - one for real-time navigation, one HD recorded
  • Ways of linking multiple images into one
    • Stitching software
    • Using sensor data - vibration from accelerometer - to help with correction (hard)