Log 10-21-2011: Build meeting


  • Borrowed a main receiver from Ben G. for a day; went through the pairing process for receiver/transmitter.
  • Finished attaching wires, ran a dry test
    • Thanks to Dan Curhan for help with the transmitter
    • Dry test was a success, but motors didn't run using the transmitter.
  • Hooked up and programmed the board
    • Used KopterTool to flash the latest firmware
      • Used "b" version of all software/firmware, since we are using the 2.1 version of the FC board
    • Flashed the board, tested the motors, they worked ok
    • Z-axis gave us problems; we just had to flip the board over so it read the right acceleration
    • BL Ctrl boards gave us problems; we powered them, and that helped.
  • Soldered all the pieces together, added heat shrink to the right places
    • Designed the BL Ctrl boards so that we can heat shrink after wiring; the heat shrink can be added later
    • Soldering was a huge pain and took ~4 hours
  • Hooked up lights, screwed everything together, ran another test
    • Disappointing: got red lights on the BL Ctrl boards
    • Seems to be a problem with either power or the I2C bus, but we couldn't figure it out.
    • Will continue from here tomorrow.


  • Changing RGBDSlam to run on less power
  • Emailed RGBDSlam maintainers again for advice on what to change
  • Installing ROS on the PandaBoard


  • Appropriated Roboclub's monitor, mouse, and keyboard for use with PandaBoard
  • Labeled a lot of supplies
    • We should use the label maker to label all our supplies with "Quadrotor".