Log 02-10-2012

Subgroup Updates


  • Tried flying, lost control when we lost the connection.
    • Need to update software to respond if the connection is lost.
  • Still need power; waiting for connectors [ordered]
  • Next up: another test flight
  • Got sonars and Arduino Pro Micro
    • The pro micro didn't work. We need to email support [Julian]


  • No updates today. Will have updates next week.


  • New rubber bands to hold on the Panda board.
    • Need to resolve space conflict with zip ties
  • Need to email peter for updates [Alex]

General Notes

  • Make sure to take videos during any flight!
  • Keep good track of parts. Use the automatic label maker.
    • This is really important! We don't want to lose our stuff.
    • Keep track on the wiki page as well.
  • Need to double check power/deregulator parts ordered [checked; they are]