Log 01-20-2012

Recap: Where we are now

  • Kinect is attached to the bottom and we got feedback from it
  • Panda is on the top, but keeps failing
  • We have some rudimentary keyboard control
  • We have some landing gear and protective guardrail

Our short-term goals

  • Stream Kinect back to a grounded computer
  • Make keyboard control more functional
  • Revamp the guardrail / add a Kinect guard
  • Fix up the landing gear
  • Help Panda stop breaking =(


  • "Vision Based Object Following with an Autonomous Quadrotor"

Long-Term goals

  • Object identification and tracking
  • Indoor navigation with the Kinect
  • Find a balance between these!


  • I'm taking OS this semester
  • We definitely need a mechanical team
  • Divide into three groups with better leadership
    1. Control
    2. Camera
    3. Mechanical
  • New meeting time 4:30 Friday

Need to do:

  • Get a new SD card
  • Follow a bright red hat
    • Keyboard control (add joystick)
    • Auto takeoff, stable
    • Stream camera
    • Vision tracking
  • Better landing gear
  • 2nd guardrail iteration
  • Aluminum frame for quad1

Meche Group

  • Leader: Peter
  • Group: Doci, Nick, Peter, Jimmy, Harrison, Tom W

Camera Group

  • Leader: Nick
  • Group: Alex, Nick, Tom M, Nicolas, Graham, Chris, Dan J, Jim

Control Group

  • Leader: Chris
  • Group: Julian, Tom, Jeff, Nicolas, Chris, Nick, Priya, Matt