Controls 03-04-2012


Mech-E's still working on getting reliable data
Plan to do more quantitative testing in the near future...
Julian will test sonar today

PID library

All written, needs a bit more testing
Need to confirm that pitch control + altitude hold will play nicely together in Mikrokopter
Testing this will be difficult...

Power adapter

Part fried, getting a new one

Position tracking/movement

Simulator is functional -- specify where the target is, and it spits out coordinates
yaw/position control is largely complete, waiting on PID stuff and testing

Network lag

Had issues with ad-hoc networking in Ubuntu and with ROS. Still haven't found reliable way to control flight wirelessly.

Other issues

Mikrokopter seems to have an issue where if you pump the throttle and then zero it, the rotors start to slowly spin up again. Going to talk to Dan Jacobs about that one...