Controls 02-26-2012

Altitude (Peter):

mech-e's will help figure out angle stuff with sonar. They have a big meeting on Thursday to do this, among other things. Julian will (most likely) be there too.

PID library (Priya):

still in progress -- working on it today

Test Flight:

Too many people there, too much setup/breakdown
Test as much stuff as possible before we fly
Need to get better at charging stuff

Power adapter (Julian):

still waiting on parts

Autonomous stuff (Tom, Nicholas):

framework is there, waiting on something that reports target position
Nick's code will be sending us a RosPoint with the target's position.

Goal for this week: program that spoofs position based on user input

Dead-man's switch (Tom):

Works, kept getting tripped up by network lag

Network lag:

Need to reduce it drastically -- ad-hoc network seems to be the best option.

Goals for this week: ad-hoc network, try to isolate source of lag by cutting out network entirely

Work sessions will be at 5:30pm Sundays, after the status meeting