Controls 02-12-2012

Altitude: Priya, Sean

Status: sonar data into ROS using roboclub arduino. the one that we ordered might be DOA

This week's goal: Test sonar values, plot them and build a line. Also investigate angle at which sonar data becomes crappy.

PID library: Priya

This week's goal: ask Priya

Power adapter: Julian

Status: connectors we need are in the mail

Autonomous Stuff: Tom, Nicholas, Sean

This week's goal: program that reads in position of target, and adjusts yaw to look at target.

Dead-man's switch -- kill throttle if network comm lost: Chris

This week's goal: network comm lost => throttle off

Other stuff:

Test flight tentatively scheduled for Sunday Feb 19 at 5pm
It would be awesome to have a way to ensure that the sonar is always facing down -- MechEs? :-)