Controls 02-05-2012

Altitude sensing (Julian, Nicholas, Tom, Matt S):

Week 1

Sensor communicating with arduino
Sensor sending data to pandaboard

Week 2

Reporting altitude to pandaboard
Beginnings of altitude hold

Week 3

Altitude hold

Disconnected flight

Still need battery to be able to power pandaboard. Will be possible by next week (Thanks Julian! :-))

Autonomous matters

Need to write a node that takes in xyz of target (from vision), turns it into yaw/pitch/thrust adjustments for mikrokopter
We will also write a testbed that provides fake xyz data -- we'll just have the 'target' move around in a circle

Test flight

Had some throttle/steering problems. Fixes:
-implement an auto-shutoff in mikrokopter node if we don't get commands for a certain amount of time (even off pitch/roll and turn off throttle)
-use our own wireless router (instead of CMU wifi) to help reduce lag