• Group Navigation/Exploration
    • Follow the leader: the leader maps, the other two carry payloads
      • Different hardware on each quadrotor; one has a nice camera, etc
      • Modular or swappable sensors
    • Cooperative mapping
    • Cooperative lifting
  • Cooperation with ground vehicle
    • Stay above android phone and send data
  • Vision-based object following
    • Pick an object on compute display and follow it
    • Wear certain object, follow and film
    • Stream Video
  • Aiding Pilot / UI for control
    • Alternative methods of control
    • Assisting a pilot (flies itself) for detecting fractures/problems on the ground
  • Determine where wifi is being wasted
    • Circle a building and see where wifi signal is strong
    • 3D mapping of large objects
  • Picking up objects/Deliver payload
    • Medicine/supplies
    • Pesticides
  • Landing platform
    • Temporary small platform out of duct tape and LEDs
    • Quadrotor could land inside a bigger ring. It would look excellent in the dark and make for great videos.
    • The quadrotor could use optical flow in the dark to find its landing area.
      • A "Q" design is particularly good because the position of the Q's line in the circle gives orientation.
    • Hula Hoop would work well
  • Optical Flow
    • Good way to do localization
  • Cheap Vision
    • Would be great.