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FatStructs.h 16.5 KB
Sd2Card.cpp 19.2 KB
Sd2Card.h 9.06 KB
Sd2PinMap.h 12.4 KB
SdFat.h 21.9 KB
SdFatUtil.h 2.57 KB
SdFatmainpage.h 8.01 KB
SdFile.cpp 40.9 KB
SdInfo.h 7.09 KB
SdVolume.cpp 9.62 KB

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58d82c77 02/09/2012 07:46 PM Thomas Mullins

Added mikrokopter/arduino, which uses rosserial

It currently runs on an Arduino Uno, and successfully gives data back to
the computer over USB. With a few changes (one specified in the README,
the rest minor changes to CMakeLists.txt) it should run on the Pro...

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