From 01/16/2012 to 02/14/2012


02:42 PM Revision 06738945: The code compiled! Now to make sure everything does what it's supposed to do.
George Stanley


06:28 PM Revision b1055c82: Nick made some changes to make it compile.
Thomas Mullins
05:15 PM Revision 880aeb43: Edited the v2v3 converter file
Nick Stanley


08:16 PM Revision 6499f09b: Arduino now reads 2 sonars and publishes
It publishes to /range_up and /range_down, from pins A0 and A1. Thomas Mullins
07:46 PM Revision 58d82c77: Added mikrokopter/arduino, which uses rosserial
It currently runs on an Arduino Uno, and successfully gives data back to
the computer over USB. With a few changes (o...
Thomas Mullins


04:31 PM Task #1992 (Assigned): USB to micro USB cable
We need a USB to micro (NOT mini) USB cable for the Arduino that we can keep in the Quadrotor box. Thomas Mullins


04:48 PM Revision 05e1c990: Fixed immediate runtime error
Moved the TransformListener initialization into the target_cb, so that
it wouldn't try to initialize a NodeHandle bef...
Thomas Mullins


11:02 PM Revision 80eadc1e: Created the vision package
For now there is a skeleton of v2v3_converter (without the math) which
will take in a TargetDescriptor (x, y, size) a...
Thomas Mullins


06:25 PM Revision 2e0d5712: Oops. Accidentally commited some of the build files. Deleting them now.
06:23 PM Revision ba6306a1: Adding joy package for joystick control. Takes a joystick working with linux a...
06:21 PM Revision fd29b28e: Tested velocity control and added yaw and throttle control to joystick.


11:21 PM Revision 5d4b79f4: Added joystick_control node, with a skeleton of a JoystickControl class,
modeled after the keyboard_control node. Eventually it will take
messages from joy_node and call velocity_control in ...
Thomas Mullins


06:23 PM Revision bc4b408e: Added velocity_control to MikrocopterControl class, which was added to
work with joystick control. Takes forward and lateral speeds and
combines them to set pitch and roll.
Thomas Mullins

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