From 09/28/2011 to 10/27/2011


06:07 PM Task #1889 (Assigned): Make private repository
Some parts of our code may not be open-source, such as the ROS-MikroKopter driver.
Need to contact the RI to see i...
Alex Zirbel
06:07 PM Task #1888 (Fixed): Order Carbon Fiber
Order some 8x7mm frame pieces so we can assemble using a shim.
Better than nothing until the aluminum parts come in.
Alex Zirbel
06:06 PM Task #1887 (Assigned): Design aluminum frame for Quad1
We'd like to have an aluminum frame, so the quadrotor will be more sturdy, and handle crashes better. We also just n... Alex Zirbel
10:40 PM Revision 02ea17a0: Added a README file to the empty git repository.
Alex Zirbel


03:27 PM Task #1843 (Fixed): Update old information in the wiki
Updated and cleaned the wiki entirely. Alex Zirbel
02:42 PM Task #1535: Cut and Post Videos
Mike has confirmed that all the footage is on W:.
Re-assigning this ticket to myself (alex) to check if all the fo...
Alex Zirbel
02:01 AM Task #1844 (Fixed): Gather Quadrotor logos and videos
I don't think there's anything Mike has that we need.
It might be nice to have the old project logo, but it's not ...
Alex Zirbel


08:02 PM MikroKopter First Flight!
We switched from our home-built device to the MikroKopter ( shown here. This is our first flight w... Alex Zirbel


05:53 AM Task #1844 (Fixed): Gather Quadrotor logos and videos
For Mike:
Please check your computer and see if you have any quadrotor files that aren't on W:. We need to make s...
Alex Zirbel
05:51 AM Enhancement #1604: Fix the Quadrotor
Reassigned to Alex.
Still needs to be done, but second in priority to MirkoKopter.
Alex Zirbel
05:50 AM Task #1601: Make Website
I'd like to have a real Quadrotor website with a landing page, about page, and blog.
It should look nice!
Alex Zirbel
05:47 AM Task #1755 (Fixed): Get BeagleBoard set up
Moved to PandaBoard. BeagleBoard is no longer relevant. Alex Zirbel
05:47 AM Task #1843 (Fixed): Update old information in the wiki
A few pages in the wiki contain links to old google docs, or to information about the old quadrotor.
These should ...
Alex Zirbel


04:55 PM Task #1772 (Assigned): Point Cloud Display
We want to be able to visualize what the Kinect is seeing by using point clouds in rviz. George Stanley

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