2013 Fall Mobot Tutorial

What is mobot?


Week 1: Basic Electronics

  • Form teams
  • Overview
    • Mobot
    • RoboClub
  • Gather supplies
  • Basic Electronics
    • Voltage, current, resistance
    • Resistors
    • Capacitors
    • Motors
    • H-bridge
    • Arduino hardware (what is a microprocessor)
    • IR line sensors
    • Build with Arduino: Blink LED, Button controlled LED, Potentiometer controlled LED
  • Tour, example bots
  • Homework
    • Shop training
    • Order any supplies needed
    • Designs

Week 2: Design and Electronic Construction

  • Assemble sensors and motors
  • Brief tutorial on soldering
  • Continued lesson on electronics (what wasn't completed last time)
  • Design how car will be assembled
    • Show off designs (show and tell)
    • Do at beginning
    • Do for all classes
  • Homework
    • Download Arduino
    • Bring laptop per group

Week 3: Arduino Code

  • Electronics Check Off (at beginning)
  • Building session
  • Test sensors
  • Programming
    • Variables
    • Conditionals
    • Iteration
    • Debugging (Serial)

Week 4

  • Finish vehicles

Useful Links

Infrared Line Following:

highly detailed pdf on making an rc car with arduino for $100:

society of mobots info, has many links, actually has ALL the links:

Speed Controller Tutorial:


Prior mobot:

Nishant (who showed us his mobot) andrewID: npol


RC car
Ardunio USB programming cord
3 line sensors
DIP holder for h-bridge
Board for h-bridge
Soldering tools

Tutorial Planning

Get a group together to help teach. Mobot sponsored the supplies. We ran it for 4 weeks at the beginning of the semester with 2 teachers. Run the sessions right after GB so as to get people involved and talk to Mobot over fthe summer for sponsorship.