The club owns and operates a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. It is available for use, but please consult an officer to make sure you know how to use it properly before doing so. Even if you've used other 3D printers, ours has it's own quirks, so please don't rush into using it.

The primary purpose is to print parts for club and personal projects. Do not use it to print items found on the internet for fun (such as found on Thingiverse). Like all club resources, club projects come first.


  • Do not overwork the printer. It has been broken before from being used almost constantly, and nobody wants it going out of service because something broke.
  • Do not switch filaments. It is challenging to get the extruder properly aligned, when a new filament is inserted. If you must use a filament not currently in the printer, consult an officer.
  • Do not be wasteful. Filament costs money. It is available as a service to the club, but the club still has to pay for its supplies and upkeep.

How To Use

  • Carl?


  • Poke Carl for advice. At least until he puts some of his advice here so you don't have to poke him.