Getting Started

Welcome to Infotron, your wonderful repository of all sorts of useful tidbits gained over the years.


Infotron is pretty intuitive for searching for things, everything is labeled by its category and is constantly being updated. Its like a mini wikipedia but focusing on the technical and not going into strange obscure equations that have nothing to do with what you need.

Edit an Existing Topic

If you are a contributor you should see an edit option in the top right of the page, this will allow you to add all the info, links, and formatting you want.

Adding a Subject

If there's a new subject that you want to add, when you edit a page you can make a new file by doing this:

  1. use "*" to have a bullet point
  2. use two brackets on either side of the topic title [[]]

the end result will look like this:

at which point you can click on the link to the topic you just made and can edit it as you could any other.

Becoming a contributer

Email and say you want to be a contributor. Make sure to include your andrewid and name.

link_adding.png View (7.44 KB) Carl Curran, 10/21/2013 03:47 PM