Stuff to do for incoming freshman

  • Tweaking Intro Labs Abe, Prashant
    • Seperate appendix page
    • Incorporate line following into second lab
  • Functional robots for intro labs Alex M
  • Prep something (DEMO) for activities fair Alex, Jeff, Prashant
  • Video from SURG Ben

Meeting Things

  • Status meetings 5:30-6 in Conference room
    • Book conference room
    • Cookies. Show up on time. We're going to zip through the meeting.
  • Doodle Poll for additional Scout work meeting

Scout Things

  • ROS is now on the gumsticks
    • Need better update from Jeff
  • Work out better structure for ROS

Stuff Going on This Summer:

  • Money Everyone
    • Other Alex, Prashant, Jeff, Ben
  • Gumstix Jeff/Alex Lam
    • Works
  • Boards Kwoo/Dshope
  • Start making changes on Eagle Abe/Jeff
    • Abe cant push to the repo, so he held off on stuff
  • Start writing drivers Prashant/Priya/Jeff/Alex
  • Test Hardware Kwoo/Dshope
  • Learn ROS Everyone
  • Get AVR Interface Abe/Priya
  • Bandwidth for Packet Structure Prashant
    • Make visual
  • Things to go on top of ROS Prashant