Congrats on SURG everyone!

Stuff that Should Have Been Done:

New Matters

  • Beagle Board versus Gumstix
    • Would require a lot of changes in hardware and basically need to make a whole new circuit board
  • Board revisions
    • Get most of major components working by next revision
    • Doing several board revisions is expensive

For the Summer:

  • Assign Tasks: Priya will assign tickets
  • Money Everyone
    • Other Alex, Prashant, Jeff, Ben
  • Gumstix Jeff/Alex Lam
  • Boards Kwoo/Dshope
    • Start making changes on Eagle Abe/Jeff
  • Start writing drivers Prashant/Priya/Jeff/Alex
    • Basically everyone
    • Consistent Interface
    • Write tickets for people
  • Test Hardware Kwoo/Dshope
  • Learn ROS Everyone
  • Get AVR Interface Abe/Priya
  • Bandwidth for Packet Structure Prashant
  • Things to go on top of ROS Prashant