Stuff that Should Have Been Done:

Addressed by Dshope

  • ConnectPort X2 (Zigbee to ethernet gateway):
    • We can make our own to connect to the atom computer using a USB for cheaper Alex Lam, Jeff,
    • Would require us to implement TCP/IP, unless they already have software, which is doubtful

Addressed by Kwoo

  • 5V regulator for the gas gauge is working, though without I2C I can't talk to the gas gauge.
  • Pullup resistor used on the regulator enable line is strangely only 11 ohms. I suspect that Roboclub may have resistors in the wrong bins
  • Since we removed U$9 we essentially have bypassed the powerpath stuff on the push button controller
  • I now believe that U$3 is totally messed up. I got it to work occasionally after fixing the pullup resistor but have not been able to replicate it. On the scope there is some strange noise on the line, not sure where that's coming from. I'm bypassing it for now and recommend that we either replace it with one without power path (Linear has some more simple ones that we can probably try out by requesting samples) or remove it completely and come up with a new solution.
  • Charge contacts now totally do not connect to the rest of the system except for the battery charger
  • Replacing the FET (U$19) helped, now it enters charging mode even with VBATT set to 7.4V. I suspect that the voltage and current cuttoff resistors are set wrong.