• Thanks to everyone for writing/editing.
  • Party - Ben will make a doodle poll.


  • Status - Linux is up and running, ROS will be up soon.
  • ROS will be up sometime next week.


  • Memory on Gumstix is not a problem
  • Between AVR and ARM9:
    • UART will probably have enough bandwidth
    • potentially not enough bandwidth between AVR and Gumstix connection for onboard sensors, especially if we throw a camera onto the expansion bay
  • alternate solution
    • not use UART -- I^2C, SPI,
    • look into it later after more research

Connecting to robot

  • How are we connecting to robot? SSH? USB?
  • We can connect to the gumstix via USB.


  • Tell programmers to learn ROS
  • Are we going to update ROS on gumstix?
    • Probably not.
  • ROS Open Source code for interfacing with AVR

Getting AVR working

  • Can we program the AVR at the moment?
  • Also are there any sensors mounted on it right now?
  • Next step: get AVR on the board and get sensors onto it.
    • Make sure AVR circuit is working.

Stuff for next meeting

  • Figure out hardware situation for board and AVR
    • Email Dan Shope and/or Kevin Woo
  • Throw the AVR on a protoboard and simulate parts of Scoutfly that we need so we can start writing drivers.