Meeting Minutes 02-09-2009

What's New?

  • We now have a website, twitter, tumblr
    • Assign & distribute passwords?
    • Teams can update progress on Tumblr or Twitter
  • Scoutfly boards ordered (ordered 4 boards)

To do

  • Components need to be ordered (making 3 boards?)
    • Bill of Materials
      • How to manage this (using excel & wiki)
  • ScoutBOM
    • Test range, interference
  • BreakFly
    • Finalize footprint, connectors, connector location, etc.
  • FlySwatter Debug Board
    • Final call for requirements
    • FTDI w/ 2 UARTS (ARM + AVR)
    • Moar LEDs!!
    • Order (2)
      • Order a panel of small boards
  • Plan for OS and Software Development?
    • Let's outline some (realistic) deadlines

Purchase List

  • Components for Scoutfly
    • Purchase ASAP, need to figure out total order cost (for at least 3 boards)
  • ScoutBOM Parts
  • BreakFly parts
  • Debug board parts
  • Other hardware?

Major Review before Final Build

  • Get eyes on every part of the robot, make sure things fit together
    • Yes, this means checking data sheets, SolidWorks, etc.
  • Wiring is a big issue
    • Directly soldering components instead of using headers for everything
      • Keeps costs down, but harder to swap components
    • Accessory Port
      • Mounted on Breakfly (or if that fails, run a wire)

Budget Review

  • Costs have lifted baseline from $400 to $500
    • Still under $500 -- platform worth a lot more with labor & machining
    • Looking to keep board cost under $40 manufactured (+components ~ $220)
  • Could eliminate cliff sensors or sell as add-on
  • ScoutBOM hasn't been factored into cost -- could be an addon but would like to keep on base model
  • Money ($1800 in the bank)
    • Colony III is spending some very soon... total?


  • Review page about pricing schemes, etc MarketingIdeas
    • Base model, student pricing
  • Moving forward with tech transfer, "commercialization"
    • Concerns about enforcement, like the idea of leasing
    • Maintenace? Support?
      • Community Forum

Other Stuffs

  • Need to finish charging station

Things to ditch

  • Cliff sensors (-$14.00)
    • Keep track of position, back through
  • Sonar (-$25.00)
    • Just use front for now
  • USB A (-$5.00)
  • Ethernet? Leave it in for now

OS Updates

  • PREX Compiles, no shell screen
  • Next Steps
    • Joining dev community
      • Is it still alive?
  • OS Boots, Networking
  • Helps (Embedded OS)
    • Koopman, Priya, Anthony Rowe, Karthik, Cornell