Meeting Minutes 01/13/2010

Presentation to Colony

  • Friday
  • Presentation Prepared
    • ARM/OS info needs updated
    • Board info might need updated/added

Colony III Workers

  • How do we want to manage people?
    • OS Team, AVR Team, Snapfly team, etc.
  • Who is available to work on Scout?
    • Existing Team(s):
      • Schematic/Layout: Kwoo
      • ARM/OS: Brad N, Rich H
      • AVR: ??
      • Wireless: David S, Chris M
      • Mechanical/Assembly: Dan S
      • Charging Station: ??
      • Accessories: Andrew B, Ben W, Jimmy H
      • General Software Outlining: ?? (everyone)

Ticket Review

Snapfly Board

  • Mic? on I2S
  • Pinout RX/TX line to AVR for dev board
  • Accessories
    • Single accessory port, 2 ADC, 2 GPIO, 1 I2C
  • Ditch FTDI for USB-OTG
    • Using mini A/B
    • Bootstrapping
    • Adds a PHY chip to the cost ($4)
  • Remove accelerometer
    • $14.95 cost, we'd just omit the chip (solder on in future, if needed)
  • Connectors
  • Rear Connector
    • JST from the breakout board to the sensors
    • Need to buy crimper


  • Bootloader
    • Probably using u-boot, need to port it
    • For bootstrapping / development, will be booting off a computer using uart5
    • Normal boot process (I think, needs to be checked)
      • boot off internal SRAM with tiny image size
      • pull u-boot image from onboard flash
      • u-boot sets up the root filesystem and loads linux
  • ARM<->AVR Interface
    • Timing calculations, protocol structure
      • Com speed, CPU cycles, What speed is good for our sensors, etc.
    • AVR controls inputs and outputs
    • James K. to assist


  • Is this still happening? Updates?
  • Had decided on 4/6 position
    • Detectors (IR modules w/ pre-amps, demodulation, have 6x in the club)
    • Emitters (none on hand)
    • Needs to be a separate board? Use UART interface to ARM?
    • Could we have more emitters than detectors?

Show me the monies

  • RI Contacts?
  • JFC Special Allocation
  • SURG
  • VC for ColonyCorp
  • Compile a list of companies and vendors that might be interested, and start contacting them
  • Principal Fundraiser (Tepper?)