Meeting Minutes 10/29/2009

  • Updates?
  • Chose (2nd) LPC3230FET296 w/ Ethernet
    • Kwoo to research POE
    • Charging? or just logic power..
  • AVR?
    • 128L clocked @ 16MHz
    • 128K Flash, 4K SRAM
    • Same chip as Colony III
Operating System
  • Updates?
    • Compile Linux on-board ourselves
      • Busybox utilities, bootloader(?), U-Boot
        • Using FAT32 on SD
    • Might still try an outside RTOS (see how easy it is to use)
    • Write Cololix/Colonix (as named by Kwoo/BNeuman)
  • RAM needed?
    • Run kernel onboard and use external S(D)RAM for user stuff
      • Brad to check on minimum RAM
    • Oversize for mappping, LUT, etc.
    • Need SRAM vs SDRAM? (huge cost factor, some power factor)
      • 256/512MB SDRAM ($10 for DDR)
      • Might not need external SRAM (DDR SDRAM lets us run ~clock speed)
Power System
  • Limiting
    • (Battery is @ 4.2A), trip @5A polyswitch over total system
    • 750mA current limiting on each motor
    • 350mA current limit on stepper
  • Charging
    • 5V USB
      • Power Logic, not motors
    • POE is 40V(25W), if we follow the standard
      • Power logic, not motors
  • Charging Station
    • 12VDC @ 2.0A input from charging station (per robot)
      • Easy from PC power supplies
    • Pull people in to develop this?
    • Daisy chain stations together
    • Always need "base" station (Xbee, Power management, AC hookup, etc)
  • Updates?
  • Purchased some IR modules w/ pre-amps, demodulation
  • 4/5/6 Beacons
    • Four Corners vs. Front Center, Left, Right, Rear Center
    • Front Right, Front Left, Left, Right, Rear Left, Rear Right
    • Top of Sonar (for multiplane, but NOT 3D =P)
  • Token Ring
    • Don't send data, just a little packet
      • Opt in to sensor matrix (all robots on grid)
    • Full Mesh networking...
      • Timeout issues? Associating a BOM w/ wrong robot?
    • Run this on a thread (background process)
Design Updates
  • "Headlight" orb placement designed (have pic)
  • Passive vents added for processing board
    • Adding thin foam filters to keep dust out
  • Power Switch..
    • Placement Suggestions?
      • Slider switch next to battery
      • People can still pick up robot on other side, or "be careful"
  • Anodizing
    • Talking to Pittsburgh Anodizing
      • We can put logo on our bot...
  • Need to start looking for grant ($5,000/10 robots)
    • How to go about this
    • Where to look?
  • Prototyping costs
    • 4-layer board + components?
    • Sunk Cost: $730