Meeting Minutes 11-10-2011 --Hardware Meeting

Sensor Testing

  • What to do about BOM emitter?
    • Probably have multiple emitters from single source so we can get larger spread but still be able to distinguish.
    • Task for next week:
      • Interference testing
      • How many sensors are needed per side
  • Get readings from Sonar
    • Easy, but need to figure out which outputs
  • Get stepper motor
    • Is there something in the club we can use for now?
  • Get normal motors
    • Send email to Dshope for this
  • See if two boms can communicate with each other
  • Test rest of Scoutfly (minus power board) Ben/Abe
    • There is an email from KWoo about this
    • While waiting for power regulator board to come back
  • Spec out IMU


  • Getting old boards & funding info from Brian Kirby Ben