Meeting Minutes 11-03-2011 --Hardware Meeting

Important Announcements

  • Intro Labs: Need Roboclub Accounts
    • Get one!
  • Mailing list: rc-colony@ and rc-colony-new@

Scoutfly Board Updates

  • Access to Scout Hardware Git Repo
    • jabinder, nsy
  • Most of the power board schematic is done
  • Need to layout power board
    • Resize holes in USB Connector Abe
    • Find the right inductor and capicitor Abe
      • Make sure they are the ones in the schematic
    • Layout power board Sai/Misty/Tom
      • Resistor for gas gague to accommodate all of current for battery. These traces need to bigger than normal.
    • Send to dorkbot and get boards printed

Sensor Testing

  • Wire Sonar
  • BOM Tests
    • Single BOM Test #1845
      • Cant turn BOM on
    • Test 2 BOMs #1846
  • CliffSensor
    • DONE. Works on 66% of surfaces.
  • IMU Ticket
  • Motors to do PWM.