Minutes20111013 -- Hardware Meeting

Stuff Going On

  • Handed out driver codes to people
    • Next Thursday (10/20)
  • Purchased sensors -- Shipped
  • Need to place a new order
    • Waiting for confirmation from Dshope
    • Follow up with Robbie
  • Dshope drew up all the testing platforms for BOM
    • Cant test without sensors though
  • Alex did some Cliff Sensor Testing
    • Currently mounted at an angle, so it can catch cliffs
      • Too many false positives
    • remounting so that they face downward.
  • AVR_Bridge is outdated now. We need to look at ROS Serial instead
  • Ben is making tickets

Drivers assigned to people

  • BOM (Nick & Tom)
  • Motors/encoders (Ben)
  • Sonar (Alex Z)
  • IMU (Priya)
  • CliffSensors (Lambda)