Meeting 2-15-12
Agenda: Short Status Meeting!

General Items
  • Git repository permissions is now set up
    • Please save mechanical files in a forklift subfolder of the mechanical git.
    • Electrical files will be saved in a forklift subfolder of the scouthw git.
    • If you don't know how to use git, ask somebody who does. (Preferably not me as I don't know it well)
Electrical Status
  • Motor driver chosen
  • Schematic built
  • Board layout complete
    • Need someone to give it a look over.
Mechanical Status
  • Solidworks status?
  • Finish solidworks model for next week. Is that feasible?
  • Send board out and order parts for next week.

Present: Tim, Tom, Julian
Email: Misty
Absent: John, Kyle