Meeting 2-1-12

Objective: Share progress reports. Spend remaining time as a work meeting.

Electrical Progress

  • Determined that max power supply is 5V at 2A. We must follow this to avoid scout-fly brownout.
  • Communicate with ARM9 using I2C protocol. Device should act as I2C slave.
  • Also have 4 pins to communicate with AVR.
  • Sensors
    • A method for measuring forklift height is required. Either a potentiometer or an encoder could be used. A pot is absolute vs an encoder is relative. I would suggest a pot.
      • Will use pot
    • Other optional sensors such as a force sensor to measure package weight. Or a camera to read bar codes.
      • Probably avoid this for cost/time issues

Mechanical Progress

  • Belt drive
    • Belt drive hooked up to pot.
  • Looked over motors
    • Need same units
    • Need to get rid of those that aren't 5V.
  • Misty is working on making belt drive in solidworks
  • Working on getting parts.