Meeting 102713

  • Found CAD models from online.
Design Decisions:
  • Placement of Sonar Tower
  • What endefactor?
To Do:
  • Battery model in Solidworks - Andrew & Alex
    • Design a battery holder
    • Elevated case to allow wires underneath
  • Make/ Design mount for hood board and model the board
  • Make a bridge to elevate batter holder - David
  • Design modular latch - Ruben
  • Research inexpensive camera (processing) - Zach
    • Design a mount for it (wait for modular latch)
Still Need:
  • Parts list from Julian
  • First thing designed: is modular latch for endefactor
  • Do the pins need to be exposed to outside?
  • Is the small electronic board on the hood and not somewhere else?
  • Which way does the batter have to face? (Pins up? Pins down?)