Meeting 102013

  • Is the sonar tower staying?
  • Is the soldering and wiring going to be done?
  • Can we get an inventory of parts to be placed on back (size and placement)
  • How is the self-charging going?
To Do:
  • Make a modular attachment
  • Design for endeffectars
  • Find CAD model
  • Build a cover to put on top of electronics in chassis
  • Build a modular robot
  • Modular attachment designs:
    • Pinch clips (stick in, and then attach)
    • Hing - whole box slides off (more user friendly), plug it in - ready to go
    • Legos (Stick on, stick off)
Big Ideas:
  • Keep Forklift
  • Tank??
  • Pincer Scout
  • Camera with Night Visions