Meeting Minutes 1-25-12

Agenda: Specify tasks necessary to completion of forklift. Break into groups.

  • Mechanical
    • Figure out the maximum mechanical size and weight of the box.
    • Priya wants mechanism to be able to lift at least the weight of scout.
    • Forklift will be mounted on back
      • Line sensors are easier to mount on back.
      • Forklift is also easier to mount on back.
    • Mechanical will build a CAD model for next week Feb 1.
    • Mechanical are going to specify motor model for Feb 8.
      • Kyle will provide a list of motors meeting voltage and current requirements. Compile list of part number, specifications, and price.
    • Motor should be no more than 5V and 2A
    • Initially boxes will be at one level but should be expandable to multiple levels.
  • Electrical
    • Once motor is decided identify driver
    • Determine expansion board protocol for Feb 1
      • Tom and Julian will investigate protocol.
    • Determine pertinent sensors
    • Write driver code for expansion board
  • Mechanical
    • Misty
    • John
    • Kyle
  • Electrical
    • Julian
    • Tom