Colony Scout IR Sensor Implementation

The sensor implementation extends the current set of (5) long range (10-80cm) IR sensors with a pair of short range IR (analog) sensors and a short range IR (digital) sensor.

The arrangement is as follows --

Colony Scout Sensor Coverage

Long Range (LR)/Short Range (SR)
  • 1 LR sensor in the front pointing forward
  • 1 SR sensor in front pointing forward
  • 2 LR sensors in front pointing @ 45deg +/- central axis (left&right, forming 90deg separation)
  • 1 SR sensor in front pointing straight down at floor (cliff detection)
  • 1 SR sensor in rear pointing rearward (backup sensor)
Suggested Features:
  • Front long range IR w/ tilt mechanism - use for cliff detection, front obstacle detection, and mapping
  • Move to sonar (more expensive but more accurate) sensors
  • Longer range (20-150cm) sensors in front
  • Mirror the front (3) sensor array in the rear
  • Single short range panning sensor in the rear
  • Gimbal mounted IR array for "level" sensing over rough terrain (requires accelerometer)
  • 360deg Scanning IR sensor (need low cost encoder & motor setup, < cost 5 IR sensors)

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