System is used for autonomous recharge and on storage cubbies.


  • Find power supply, design mechanical hardware, and determine homing strategy
  • Create a bill of materials (see example)

System Specifications

  • 12VDC output @ 2A per robot channel
  • Robot has 2 IR detectors for homing
    • Beacon dispersion angle? (45deg)
  • See Dan S. for mechanical dimensions
    • Contacts are copper blocks and can sink plenty of current

Design Suggestions

  1. Scout centers on beacons broad cast from charging station
  2. Scout backs up into mechanical corral until contact is made and rear wheels sit in wheel depressions
  3. Charging can only commence once proper contact is made across 12V+ and GND, and both wheel limit switches are depressed

Bill of Materials

Vendor: BLANK
Estimated Total: $
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No. Description Part No. Stock Size Qty Price Total
1 $ $
-- --------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------- ---- --------- ----------

Homing Strategy

    • spacing between beacons
    • how robot should interpret signal and center between emitters