Circuit board team meeting minutes for 02/29/2012

Scoutfly Eagle file update

  • Going over reduced Scoutfly power path for errors
    • Capacitors on LT1529CQ (and probably REG1117) are too small
    • Library device for LT1529CQ need to be flipped horizontally
    • Move new parts from jabinderlt.lbr to kwoo.lbr
    • Perform thermal dissipation math for LT1529CQ (probably fine)
    • Get rid of ">VALUE" label for Q5-DD package: doesn't make sense for LT1529CQ
    • Don't have silkscreen overlapping SMD pad on Q5-DD
    • Pads for Q5-DD are misshapen (check LT1529CQ datasheet, use recommended solder pad layout)
    • Might want to increase trace width for +5V (check

Soldering practice

  • Teaching Misty and Ben how to solder surface-mount parts with extra power boards

Contract work

  • Julian and Tom worked on forklift


  • Present: Ben, Julian, Misty, Tom, Abe
  • Excused absence:
  • Unexcused absence: