Circuit board team meeting minutes for 02/22/2012

Power test board

  • Replaced FTDI chip
    • Able to get some output from AVR, but not sure it is what we programmed
    • Will need to reprogram board and see what happens
  • Observed that !PB input on pushbutton controller does not always get pulled high when button is released
    • Suspect that the internal pull-up resistor is flaky
    • Attached an external pull-up resistor between !PB and VBATT
    • !PB now behaves correctly, but pushbutton controller is still stuck on

Scoutfly Eagle file update

  • Began routing a reduced version of Scoutfly for Meeting of the Minds

To do

  • Figure out how to split up tasks among people so that everyone has something to do
  • Figure out what's going on with !PB
  • Look over reduced Scoutfly board, see if circuit seems OK


  • Present: Ben, Julian, Misty, Tom, Abe, Ben Shih
  • Excused absence:
  • Unexcused absence: