Circuit board team meeting minutes for 02/15/2012

Power test board

  • Attempted to get serial output from AVR
    • Able to program board via ISP header, but not able to get any output from anything
    • Data is coming out of the UART pins on the AVR, but nothing is coming out of the FTDI chip
      • Intend to try replacing the FTDI chip with one that I know works to see if it's the chip
  • Talked to Nico about the pushbutton controller
    • He suspects that the KILL input needs to be toggled back and forth by the AVR on power-on, not just driven high
    • He will take a closer look at it after his exam and lab

Scoutfly Eagle file update

  • Routed part of circuits for charging IC
  • Discussion about whether to modify goal of Scoutfly to speed development
    • Idea of breaking Scoutfly into smaller pieces and developing those separately
      • Abe thinks that this would make physical design of Scout harder without necessarily making development faster
      • Consensus was not reached
    • Idea of producing a Scoutfly with significantly reduced circuitry as a first edition
      • This would reduce complexity while still building toward an ultimate goal of a monolithic board
    • Development is definitely moving too slowly
      • Intend to consult Kevin for guidance


  • Present: Ben, Julian, Misty, Tom, Abe
  • Excused absence:
  • Unexcused absence: