Circuit board team meeting minutes for 02/01/2012

Power test board - Julian, Abe

  • Julian observed that pushbutton controller enable line is now always close to GND
    • Not sure why yet
    • Abe intends to try replacing the controller to see what happened
  • The AVR is probably burned out and was removed
  • The AVR LDO burned out, because it was not designed to take 6V supply
    • Abe ordered the wrong part
    • Ordered a replacement that can take 10V. It should be here soon.
  • After removing damaged parts, measuring 100K resistance between VBATT and BATT_GND
    • Despite initial confusion, this is the nominal resistance between those nodes

Scoutfly Eagle file update - Abe, Ben, Misty, Tom

  • Routed part of circuits for charging IC and gas gauge

USB port device in library - Ben, Misty, Tom

  • Progress?
    • SMD package already in library
  • Still need to verify correctness

New member

  • Another Ben showed up to the meeting
    • Requested access to the repository for him


  • Present: Ben (late), Julian, Misty, Tom, other Ben
  • Excused absence:
  • Unexcused absence: