Circuit board team meeting minutes for 01/23/2012

Power test board - Julian, Abe

  • What has been done so far?
    • Attached ISP programmer and powered board with 7V on battery input
    • Unable to connect to AVR with programmer
  • What was happening when disfunction started?
    • AVR started heating up
    • Abe emailed kwoo asking for help debugging circuit
  • What is current state?
    • When no battery voltage is applied, resistance between VBATT and BATT_GND is 146.6 Ohms
    • No voltage drop appears across gas gauge LDO (took supply voltage up to 5.2V)
    • AVR LDO just drops input voltage by 1V
    • One 49.9K resistor measures as 25K (possible false alarm)
    • Pushbutton controller starts in off position, switches state normally on button presses
      • EN voltage is VBATT when on but VBATT - .8V when off
      • As a result, AVR LDO is always on

Scoutfly Eagle file update - Abe

  • No progress since Wednesday
  • Will meet with Ben, Misty, and Tom on Thursday at 17:30 to get them started on it

USB port device in library - Ben, Misty, Tom

  • Progress?
    • SMD package already in library
  • Still need to verify correctness

Eagle installation

  • Attempt to install student edition of Eagle on computers
  • Considering getting Eagle 6 licenses

Future meeting time

  • Wednesday 20:30 - 22:00 in the club


  • Present: Ben, Julian, Misty, Tom
  • Excused absence:
  • Unexcused absence: