1. Write Scheduler
    • Priority Queue
    • Priority function: MAX_WAIT_TIME - time already been waiting - time it takes to do the task
    • Available robot does minimum thing on queue.
  2. Finish porting over code
    • Committed. Needs to be checked.
  3. Define scheduler robot interface
    • Scheduler: provides task to robot
      • GET <spot #>
      • DROP <spot #>
      • MOVE <spot #> <spot #>
    • Robot: executes task. Says "I'm Done!"
    • Something: provides time from A->B
      • Handles resource availibility
      • Knows where all robots are and their tasks
  4. Define map interface
    • Table
      • Index: each input into an intersection has its own index value
      • Value: List of outbound edges (turn_direction, new_index, distance)

Things for next week:

  • Leon & Priya will write map interface
  • Priya will check over all code & give changes back to people
  • Dan will write basic scheduler & something that handles time from A->B
  • Jon will talk to Ben and clean up code