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.gitignore 15 Bytes
Makefile 1.01 KB
blinky.c 152 Bytes
bom.c 3.87 KB
bomi2c.h 191 Bytes
bootloader.c 1.6 KB
bootloader.h 202 Bytes
bootvectors.S 42 Bytes
test.c 357 Bytes
tiny-twi-sync.c 3.3 KB
tiny-twi-sync.h 290 Bytes
tiny-twi.c 3.32 KB
tiny-twi.h 236 Bytes
twi.c 13 KB
twi.h 1.53 KB

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
e92b8d00 04/29/2014 01:52 PM Thomas Mullins

Changed twi_run() loop to smb_poll() in a loop

48418a96 04/01/2014 03:57 PM Thomas Mullins

Fixes to BOM bootloader. Works now!!! YAAAAAY

b99ee462 03/25/2014 06:56 PM Thomas Mullins

Changed strt_pgrm() to be a function instead of macro

The linker flags now define its location, so it's an rcall instead of icall.
Also, the BOM code is built as C now, not C++.

d88f80e5 03/25/2014 05:21 PM Thomas Mullins

Added blinky test program

89f527ad 03/25/2014 04:39 PM Thomas Mullins

Added makefile magic to program bootloader in correct place

6030b995 03/25/2014 04:22 PM Aaron Perley

Bootloader code test

3a25bcb9 03/25/2014 03:27 PM Thomas Mullins

Added missing while loop in tiny-twi

fa11365c 03/25/2014 03:23 PM Aaron Perley

Arbitrary length i2c test

6b1a3a0d 03/25/2014 03:07 PM Aaron Perley

Add bootloader files

f414f222 03/25/2014 03:07 PM Aaron Perley

Add .gitignore to bom directory

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