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6b6d6fda 05/18/2013 05:27 PM Julian Binder

started a new breakfly rev. fixed encoders being oriented differently. changed jst connector for stepper motor so it would fit. reoriented 20pin connector. still needs to be routed.

d0c17e8c 11/01/2010 04:17 PM Dan Shope

Accessory port silk did not match actual pinout, fixed some schematic issues.

70e6ec65 10/15/2010 01:00 AM Dan Shope

Added storage/charging station

e6d7e8f4 10/03/2010 04:52 PM Dan Shope

Increased trace width on VCC and ACC_5V lines

0c208777 10/03/2010 04:04 PM Dan Shope

Changed trace angles to 45deg and moved vias from silkscreen

0cae467a 10/02/2010 08:02 PM Dan Shope

Added website silk and moved vias away from silk labels

556b570c 10/02/2010 05:01 PM Dan Shope

Rerouted traces for aesthetics

b89112d4 10/02/2010 04:24 PM Dan Shope

Revised to pass DRC, added top ground plane and connecting vias

a6d3ef7d 10/02/2010 06:58 AM Dan Shope

Changed power traces to 16mil, refined layout

73a9bda8 10/02/2010 05:27 AM Dan Shope

Changed trace width to 8mil as per BatchPCB DRC, changed stepper to RA ZH JST6

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