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eed7abeb 11/05/2011 02:39 PM Julian Binder

Updated Schematic File

Added missing capacitor between Vin and GND in the charge circuit.

9b2f29ed 11/05/2011 02:14 PM Julian Binder

Fixed some schematic errors identified by the ERC.

Connected capacitor C12 which apeared connected but was actually

Approved error of VCC being connect to a power input

Added a missing junction

90591b4b 11/04/2011 06:39 PM Abraham Levkoy

Undo accidental extraction of zipped Gerber files

Restored compressed Gerber files from commit
6bcd5b932bde03c525653653638fddd5251a5705 after they were accidently
uncompressed (and the ZIP files deleted) in commit
072e099013d16c67deffe4ef7299f8c05c2dd6c2. Deleted directories created...

33c4366f 11/04/2011 06:10 PM Abraham Levkoy

Updated DS2786 footprint in kwoo library

Updated package footprint for DS2786 in kwoo.lbr based on recommended
land placement in datasheet for DFN10 package. DS2786's datasheet lists
TDFN10 as its package type but doesn't give placement guidance or a
useful package description. Unable to find a datasheet for TDFN10, but...

51b65a87 11/04/2011 05:09 PM Abraham Levkoy

Increased mini-USB plug drill hole size

Imported MINI-USB- device from Hirose Connectors library into kwoo
library. In UX60-MB-5S8 package, increased drill hole size on corner
pins from .8 mm to .9 mm. I did not drill out the original too-small
holes on Scoutfly, so I don't know whether this is sufficient or not....

fc0c916c 11/04/2011 03:12 PM Abraham Levkoy

Updated inductor package for power board

Created new package and device in library for MPI4040 inductor to be
used in power test board. Updated part on power test board.

109296da 11/04/2011 04:10 AM Abraham Levkoy

Fixed GND pad on LT3650 charger IC

LT3650 package in kwoo.lbr had a polygon around a through-hole pad to
approximate a large SMD pad connected by a via directly to the ground
plane. Created a new package that is like this one but has no via, just a
normal SMD pad. Used this package in the power test board, which has no...

4327ce8c 11/04/2011 02:57 AM Abraham Levkoy

Updated design rules for power board

Updated design rules for power board to match DorkbotPDX specifications.
This removed some of the DRC errors for the USB port and charger. The
charger still has a couple that may be from inherently illogical
package specification.

d3af95cc 11/04/2011 12:42 AM Abraham Levkoy

Added new charger and pushbutton controller parts

Added LT3650 and LTC2954 to kwoo.lbr. Kevin sent me an updated library
with these parts previously, but I mistakenly did not import them at
that time.

a7a07a86 11/03/2011 11:52 PM Abraham Levkoy

Disapproved DRC errors on power board

Disapproved of previously approved DRC errors for power board. They are
apparently legitimate problems that need to be taken care of.

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