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Added by Abraham Levkoy about 11 years ago

Added Scoutfly files with new power circuit

Switched Scoutfly from old power circuit to new power circuit from power
test board. Did this in a new file so that, if the power circuit turns
out to be a failure, other changes made contemporaneously to Scoutfly
will not be lost in a revert. Intend to merge the files once the power
circuit is proven.

Copied the circuit from the power test schematic but did not route it
yet. Connected VBATT directly to VCC, which causes an ERC warning but
seems to make sense. Removed two wires from the pushbutton controller to
the Gumstix, as the new pushbutton controller does not have those
interfaces. A few ERC warnings already existed in Scoutfly, and I did
not deal with those.


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