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Name Size
Yellow On Blue 3000px.tga 22.9 MB
Yellow on Blue 3000px.Alpha Output.png 475 KB
Yellow on Blue 3000px.Final Color Output.png 3.97 MB
black on white 3000px.Alpha Output.png 646 KB
black on white 3000px.Final Color Output.png 3.74 MB
black on white 3000px.png 4.67 MB
black on white 3000px.tga 22.9 MB
blue_brushed_metal.Alpha Output.png 129 KB
blue_brushed_metal.Final Color Output.png 740 KB
bottom fasteners, red.png 718 KB
bottom fasteners.png 690 KB
bottom.png 736 KB
brushed_metal_iso.Alpha Output.png 118 KB
brushed_metal_iso.Final Color Output.png 901 KB
brushed_metal_side.Alpha Output.png 100 KB
brushed_metal_side.Final Color Output.png 774 KB
button_detail.Alpha Output.png 3.85 KB
button_detail.Final Color Output.png 454 KB
button_detail.png 872 KB
hood_up.png 986 KB
hood_up_black, blue background.png 984 KB
hood_up_black.png 959 KB
iso.png 569 KB
iso_black.png 901 KB
iso_bumper_sensors.png 952 KB
iso_with_side_detail.png 782 KB
iso_with_side_detail_alpha.png 128 KB
iso_with_side_detail_layerd.Alpha Output.png 127 KB
iso_with_side_detail_layerd.Final Color Output.png 599 KB
on blue background.Alpha Output.png 99.9 KB
on blue background.Final Color Output.png 771 KB
rear iso, black satin.png 995 KB
rear iso, cover removed.png 984 KB
red_brushed.png 737 KB
red_brushed_metal.Alpha Output.png 129 KB
side_detail.Alpha Output.png 63.2 KB
side_detail.Final Color Output.png 1.01 MB
yellow On blue.tga 3.91 MB
yellow on Blue_best.tga 3.91 MB
yellow on blue, front.Alpha Output.png 32.9 KB
yellow on blue, front.Final Color Output.png 334 KB
yellow on blue, front.png 394 KB
yellow on blue, side.Alpha Output.png 33.2 KB
yellow on blue, side.Final Color Output.png 346 KB
yellow on blue, side.png 409 KB
yellow on blue_best.png 908 KB

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2798784d 07/12/2011 02:00 AM Dan Shope

Additional renders of Scout with scaling items

56a97c75 07/12/2011 01:04 AM Dan Shope

Added new renders

d1cfba13 07/11/2011 07:38 PM Dan Shope

Added renders from 'old' repository.

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