From 09/30/2013 to 10/29/2013


05:02 PM Revision 3232c4a7 (scoutos): get rid of BehaviorList.cpp
Yuyang Guo
04:32 PM Revision 2d21076d (scoutos): Updated files needed for emitters to work
Hui Jun Tay
03:44 PM Bug #2169 (Fixed): FL Encoder Ticks Backward
Julian Binder
03:44 PM Task #2211 (Fixed): List of Electric Parts for Back of Scout
Julian Binder


03:18 PM Revision 71ae6e3f (scoutos): Basic sim framework for multiple BOMs written
Hui Jun Tay
03:12 PM Revision f425a9ff (scoutos): modify the bom service type
Yuyang Guo
02:54 PM Revision 9cba97ba (scoutos): add bom service definitions in messages
Yuyang Guo


04:51 PM Revision f8c1522b (scoutos): Added bom sending code (not yet tested)
Aaron Perley
09:30 PM Revision f4bddf66 (scoutece): removed BOM from board. connected !sleep to avr


05:00 PM Task #2211 (Fixed): List of Electric Parts for Back of Scout
Mechanical team needs a list of all the electrical parts to be put on the back of the Scout. We would like a list, di... Rachael Ortega


03:09 PM Revision 1e276dea (scoutece): fixed component that stoped gumstix from inserting properly. moved ...
12:01 AM Revision d6366d19 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Hui Jun Tay
12:00 AM Revision 98ed4757 (scoutos): Basic BOM works (only 1 BOM in 'centre' of scout)
Added BOM topic to scouts
Added 'kill' for emitters
Hui Jun Tay


04:48 PM Revision f572eaeb (scoutos): Adding initial scout_avr/bom/ code
Thomas Mullins
04:48 PM Revision a141a2b9 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Thomas Mullins


02:05 PM Revision 4849a34a (scoutos): add gitignore file
Yuyang Guo
01:41 PM Revision 0e143737 (scoutos): Created Emitter class based on Scout class
Added command 'spawn_em' to spawn emitters Hui Jun Tay

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